Traveling Tips for Solo Women To Be Safe

How many of you think that traveling is possible for a solo woman? Of course, if you are from a developing country, you will surely answer positively. However, safe travel for solo woman depends on many factors.

Every woman should bear some of the tips that will keep them safe. Whenever you are in the abroad trip, you will need to consider the tips. Today we are focusing on those suggestions so that you can also go out and explore the beautiful places of the world.

If you are planning to an international trip alone, don’t forget to bear the following things in your mind to have a safe travel.

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Research Your Destination before Your Trip

Planning and researching about the destination is very important as well as fun for the travel loving people. If you are going to trip alone, then, you should have a clear idea about the destination.

While considering the destination, you should choose the safest destinations in the city. Look at the nearest hospitals in case of any injury issues during the trip. Moreover, look at the best neighborhoods as well as the hotels with safety rating. Don’t forget about your destination weather in order to get the best backpack for travel.

Visit the official websites of the destinations; watch out the safety concerns, risky destinations of the city and other things very clearly. Don’t forget to discuss with your parents or friends who travel a lot.


Keep Your Valuables At Home or With You with In Transit

This is important to avoid bringing the items that you do not want to lose. For that reason, this is the ultimate traveling tips for the solo woman because there is a high chance to lose the items.

Whenever you are taking laptop, camera, passport and other valuable technology items, you should pick a perfect backpack for travel. You should use a normal travel backpack that you can always keep with you. Otherwise, there will be risk to lose the technological items from the basic backpack for travel.

Locked Up the Travel Backpack When You Are Visiting the Spots

Do you want to carry your travel backpack all the way and spots? If not, then, you must need to lock up the backpack in hotel to keep them safe. Always take cash in your packet along with the camera and smartphone or anything that you will need.

If you are staying at hostel, it may offer you to use hotel locker. Therefore, you can use the locker to keep your travel backpack and other important items. However, you should have separate zipper locker in your backpack so that you can feel satisfy with the level of safety.

This is important because you will not lose your all money and valuable items in case professional criminal determines to rob you. You will still have the valuable items with money in your locker.

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Don’t Trust People Quickly

Woman is trend to belief people within a short time that ruins the travel plans. In most of the cases, the solo woman tries to find out a friendship tribe in the trip to have a successful and enjoyable trip.

However, this may lead you to more trouble because some people pretend to good to the travelers and use to rob the alone traveler. This is more frequent for the solo woman in the trip.

For that reason, you should not trust a person at the first sight and for talking or getting help for couple of days. Moreover, this is important to keep you safe from road romance in the travel with a stranger. Protect yourself as much as possible because this might happen with you in the spot.

Watch Before You Drink

You should not drink too much alcohol to control yourself in an unknown city.  Therefore, keep a water bottle at the interval of each drink in order to keep sense.

Whenever you have joined a group of travelers, you should watch your drink very carefully. This is an old trick to mix something with the drink that can make you senseless in order to rob you. Moreover, the physical harassment is also common for the solo woman travelers in many parts of the world. Therefore, you should always remain careful when you are in the nightclub for drinks.

Spend Extra For Staying Safe

Are you in tight budget solo woman to travel throughout the world? Then, you might need extra portion of money for your safety concern. Paying extra for safety does not mean you will need to give extra money in every aspect.

For example, your flight takes off at night in the city at late night. Then, you should pick up a taxi instead of taking bus or on foot. Late night travel is always risky for every traveler especially for solo woman. For that reason, you should take extra safety concern while traveling.

On the other hand, you should select the central neighborhood hostel or guest room for rent instead of cheaper. When you will select a cheap hotel, you may not get enough security for your locked backpack items.

Check In Regularly

You should give entire information to your family and friends in order to remain safe. Always let your friends and family members know where you are and what you are doing in the trip.

Using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ is very common in different parts of the world. Therefore, you can take pictures during the trip; check-in where you are and where you are going to visit. Moreover, regular chatting on Skype can also make easier to track you in case you are missing.

Everything in the article is to keep a solo woman safe in the trip. Traveling with the best travel backpack is also very important for woman because this leads to a better and comfortable trip. Always keep the tips if you are going to international trip alone. Researching about the destination and locking your backpack are the two most important parts for the solo woman traveler.

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