It is a binder compatible backpack that can hold school book as well due to its large 26 liter storage capacity. The north face vault backpack one of the best travel backpack is a very comfortable backpack that provides the ultimate carrying experience and is engineered with the latest of technology to provide excellent and lightweight conditions too. It comprises of the patented FlexVent shoulder straps along with the back panel made out of foam that is mainly responsible for its dynamic and easy to carry quality. The north face vault backpack has a large main compartment to fit in school books and also provides sufficient room for school binders as well. It is also one of the best laptop backpacks for travel purposes too.

The vault backpack has a second smaller compartment as well for a more perfect and better organization in the inside. There are several features that make the backpack all the more fascinating and the chest straps are one of the most striking features as the backpack comprises of removal chest straps. The back panel is designed and crafted with care to make it extremely comfortable and is made out of foam to provide a soft and cushion feeling despite a huge load. The shoulder straps are highly engineered for utter comfort using the FlexVent technology. The backpack also comes with a removal shoulder strap too.

Short reviews on “The north face vault backpack”:

The backpack received several interesting and overwhelming reviews from its buyers. The backpack due to its tough quality and long lasting material has been used by people of all ages. One of the buyers stated that he used the backpack over many years and that he used it for stuffing it with many objects along with a lunch box and a laptop and yet found a lot of space in it. Another positive review that the backpack received was that the backpack is not too big for a 12 year old schooler and also is a great bag because of its multiple pocket features.

One of the many reviews the backpack received stated that the backpack is perfect for any form of organizing of items and objects. The light weight straps and the material used to make it are very comfortable. The backpack has been said to be very lightweight and is extremely easy for school children or even grownups to carry it with ease. A customer of this product mentioned the backpack to be very spacious despite its compact appearance from the outside.

Why should customers buy it?

The north face vault backpack offers variety of astonishing features to choose from that makes it a necessity for everyone. Some of the reasons as to why a customer would buy this backpack would be because the backpack is entirely waterproof and can be heavy rain resistant as well. The backpack comes with a whistle strap on to it as additional features. The north face vault backpack also exhibits water bottle pouches on either sides to help you stay hydrated at all times. The material used to make the backpack is of synthetic type and comprises of PE foam for extra comfort.

Some of the main features of the north face vault backpack include a claimed backpack weight of 1lbs 15 oz. The laptop is perfect for storing laptops of up to 15” or 17” with safety. The backpack has been specifically designed for casual use and many access panels in the front and back. The straps of the backpack are designed with FlexVent stretch as we move and is very fashionable as well .The backpack comes with a suitable top haul handle too with many zippered accesses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of “The North Face Vault BackPack”:

1. Advantages:

  • The backpack has a very attractive design that makes it stylish and is aligned with the latest trends.
  • The backpack is comfortable to use and is very enjoyable for 12 year olds as well.
  • The backpack is incredibly durable and can withstand a lot of pressure and other external factors thus protecting everything that is inside of it.
  • The backpack comes with a ton load of utility features and finds use in storing and keeping a lot of useful items and objects.
  • The backpack is very lightweight and very roomy as well.

2. Disadvantages:

  • The backpack is said to be a little small for use as a school backpack and does not provide enough space for all the books.
  • The backpack comes with 2 main zippers and thus has only two main compartments. The back panel is not designed or crafted to look more attractive.
  • The back panel is comfortable but feels like a tough padding on the back.
  • The backpack does not come with any side pockets and is thus one of its disadvantages.
  • The backpack is typically for women not for all men use.


From now on you can have a safe storage for your valuables including your laptop be it 15” or more inside of the backpack and be carefree at all times. The 26 liter storage space backpack is perfect for an outdoor trip or for everyday schooling by kids. The north face vault backpack comes with many interesting features along with the iron clad design of the back panel and is thus one of the most sought after product in the market. With two major significant compartments for storage, the north face vault backpack offers excellent organizational features.

Carrying your favorite gear and other necessities has never been easier before with the best travel backpack. The north face vault backpack is designed using a polyester fabric that is tough and resists all external elements of challenge all day long. The sternum strap, the chest strap and the shoulder straps all makes the bag a comfortable bag to carry and making it feel so light that it doesn’t even feel like carrying any weight. The several zippers and access panel makes it one of the best laptop backpack for travel and also enhances the utility of the backpack significantly.

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