High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack Review

Are you thinking of purchasing a very good quality backpack soon? You most certainly want to buy a backpack that you can use many times for many different outdoor activities that you are going to do from time to time. It is obviously necessary to buy a backpack that is durable enough to withstand the different types of weather. You most definitely want to pick out one that can last for a long period of time as well. It is also important that you are able to get a backpack that you can easily afford to buy.

Also, you most certainly wish to get one that could give you more ease and comfort during your day trip or long vacation. High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack certainly fits the descriptions above. This backpack appeals to many adventure lovers for so many reasons. Read this review to the end to find out why.

Advantages and Disadvantages of this Product

1. Advantages

What makes High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack so great that many travelers choose it?

  • For starters, it is light. Since it is not the heavy type of backpack, its weight does not add up to the stuff that you want to take with you during your trip. As a result, you do not feel like you are literally carrying a heavy load on your back.
  • Second, it is a durable backpack. You can actually use it for a month-long trip. You’ll be surprised to see that it still looks new after. This is because it is made of strong materials that are meant to last long. Moreover, you can use if often for your day hikes.
  • Third, it has plenty of room for your stuff. One thing that sets this backpack apart from most of the travel backpacks is that you can store a lot of the things that you need for your trip in this backpack without any trouble. The pockets and compartments serve their purposes well. You can rest assured that you can bring your sleeping bag, tent, jacket, iPad, phone, clothing, cookware or other important things that you want to take with you on your short trips or long vacation.
  • Fourth, it is easy to carry. This backpack has well-designed frame bars, so it can fit just right to the contour of your back. Because of this feature, you will less likely experience some back pains or other aches associated with carrying this backpack since it is specially designed to give convenience and ease to the user.
  • Fifth, it is affordable. For its quality, this backpack is quite easy on the pocket. Hence, you are certain that you get the most out of your money when you buy this backpack.

2. Disadvantages

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack has only a few disadvantages, depending on the users’ experience since some may complain about one thing, but others complain about another thing. For one thing, its buckles are not that strong. This is the most common complaint that can be heard from some users.


  1. Q: Does it come with a backpack rain cover?

A: Yes. When it starts to rain you can actually use it right away to cover your backpack to prevent it from getting wet or soaked up.

  1. Q: Can it accommodate a lot of stuff inside?

A: Of course. It is rather roomy, so you can definitely bring all the important things that you need anywhere you want to go.

3. Q: Is it comfortable to carry?

A: Yes. It is definitely comfortable to carry. In fact, it is one of its best features as most of the users notice the comfort it gives while they are carrying it since it is rather light and its strap system is specially designed to give any user more comfort.

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