Packing List for Hawaii

packing list for hawaii

Going to Hawaii is a great experience for a lot of people. The islands of Hawaii all offer tropical foliage that will be hard to find in other parts of the world. A lot of people who have been to Hawaii cannot help but plan to go back again because definitely, it is not a place that is easy to forget.

In order to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation, you need to have all of the items that will make you comfortable during your whole trip. It will be easier to pack if you have been to Hawaii before but if it is your first time, you can use this article as your guide about the different things that you should place in your luggage.

Planning Your Beach Essentials

You can expect that you are going to be near the ocean so you should plan the items that will make it easier for you to be comfortable while hanging out at the beach. Some of the items you need are the following:

  • 1. Sunglasses - It is best that you stick with polarized sunglasses because you need something that will help protect your eyes and will reduce the glare caused by the sun’s reflection on the water.
  • 2. Swimsuits - Now is the time for you to show off those cute swimsuits that you have picked out. It is advisable that you bring more than two depending on how long you are going to stay in Hawaii.
  • 3. Cover Ups - There will be times when you do not want to walk around the island just wearing your swimsuit although some people do it. If you are conscious about this, it is best that you also bring some cover ups. The number will again depend on the number of swimsuits you are going to bring.
  • 4. Flip Flops - Walking around in heels while exploring the beach is unheard of in Hawaii and in other beach destinations too.
  • 5. Sunscreen - You may want to tan but you do not want to experience the harmful effects of UV rays in the process. It is best that you pack some sunscreen that will last for the whole duration of your trip. Remember to re-apply depending on the instructions stated on a bottle of the sunscreen. If you still managed to get sunburned afterward, having Aloe Vera gel ready will help soothe the pain and will make your skin heal faster.

Other Clothing Items

  • 1. Hats - You do not need to wear a beach hat in Hawaii all the time but you may need to wear a hat when you plan to do some walking around the island.
  • 2. Trousers - You may think that trousers will not be appropriate but there may be some activities that you want to do that will require you to have extra protection on your legs.
  • 3. Hiking Sandals - There will be some areas there that are great for hiking. Make sure that you will not ruin your flip flops by bringing hiking sandals that will also protect you in the process.

When it comes to packing clothes, make sure that you will bring lightweight items. Now is not the time for you to bring your fur jackets and your velvet trousers. You need clothes that are comfortable and airy. Plan your day and night outfits separately.


Having the right gadgets will allow you to capture the best memories that you will recall every time you check out your pictures and videos.

  • 1. Phone - Using your phone to take photos is okay especially if your phone is capable of taking amazing pictures but remember that more than anything else, you can use this to connect with other people that you are with and even those that are not on vacation with you.
  • 2. Camera - The camera that you are going to bring will depend on you. If you plan on taking professional looking photos, having a DSLR or a mirrorless camera will be nice to bring but if you are after the action, the water sports you are going to do plus the other activities that you want to take, it is best if you bring your action camera instead.
  • 3. Binoculars - You would like to view the lava that can be a bit far away or you may want to check out the different birds that are available. Your binoculars will let you see them up close yet from a distance.

Other Needs

There are still other things that you should not forget when you go on a trip to Hawaii such as the following:

  • 1. Mosquito Repellent - Since you are in the tropics, you can expect that there are a lot of mosquitoes that may pester you while you are hiking or even when you are sleeping. Have mosquito repellents handy just to be sure.
  • 2. Medicine and First Aid Kit - You do not want to ruin your vacation by having a headache in the midst of it all. It can even be harder if you suffer a minor injury while doing some of your activities, make sure that you have your own personal kit.
  • 3. Small Stash of Snacks - It is expected that you are going to eat out on the island all the time but it is best if you have snacks ready if you find yourself hungry while you are still far from the restaurants.
  • 4. Wet Wipes - There are some things that you cannot control and you need to clean yourself afterward so make sure that you have wet wipes with you.
  • 5. Map - In order to navigate around the island properly, you need to make sure that you have your map handy. It will surely help you a lot especially when you get lost.
  • 6. Travel Guide Book - If in case you are a techie, you may have a travel guide application installed on your gadget that you can check whenever necessary.
  • 7. An Extra Bag - There is a possibility that you are going to purchase some items that you can bring home as a souvenir or you may even do some shopping around the island.Having an extra bag may be a good idea.

The things that are mentioned above are the essentials that you should not forget to pack when you are going on a vacation to Hawaii.

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