Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack Review

A hiking backpack can always be regarded as the most important element thing for any kind of traveler or, backpacker. If you are a person who has deep interest in traveling, then you definitely the importance of having the right kind of backpack for your definite purpose related to the outdoor activities. As there can be available lots of backpacks at this moment, so it is a kind of tough thing to find out the Best Hiking Backpack for you.

In this review article, we will try to give all the details about one of the most top rated hiking backpacks. We hope that you will be able to accumulate all the details about Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack after reading this brief review.

Features of Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack

After you got a brief idea about the specifications of the Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack, now we want to let you know about the most important features of this backpack. So, get yourself prepared to know the reasons which have made this backpack a better one than the alternatives.

  • Add-on Attachment

With the built in cord-loops of this backpack, you get the chance of attaching Add-on styles to your backpack. It will help you to make the look of your backpack completely different and stylish from that of others.

  • Dual-Access Side-Pocket

The next thing we want to tell you is the side pocket of this backpack which comes with dual access system. You can use these side pockets in order keep water bottles and similar other accessories while going out for a trip or, camping.

  • Dual-Ice Axe-Loops

For giving the customers something different, the manufactures have introduced dual-ice axe loops to this version of Osprey Men’s Backpack series.

  • External Hydration-Compatible

Another great feature which comes with backpack is the external hydration compartment in this backpack. This facility gives the protection of your belongings from any kind of hydration.

  • Front Stretch-Mesh Pocket

For providing the opportunity of keeping more gears and accessories, you will get the front stretch pocket which is a very effective one for the hikers and outgoing persons who love to go on a vacation every now and then.

  • Hip-belt Pocket

Another unique feature which has been added to the Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack is the hip belt pocket. With the presence of this pocket, you will get the facility of keeping some important items like cameras, smart phones and some other similar accessories so that you can easily get those with your hands whenever you need them in time of urgency.

Some other features you must know about Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack

In addition to the above described features, there are also some other features which you should know about the Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack.

  • Inside-Out Compression
  • J Panel Access
  • Lumbar Pack
  • Sleeping-Bag Compartment
  • Sleeping-Pad Straps
  • Top Pocket

Benefits of Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack

  • An ideal backpack for a journey which lasts between 7 and 10 days
  • When you have this backpack, you get the chance of fulfilling multiple purposes.
  • A great help for the backpackers who love to go for hiking.
  • You can get all in one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of this Product

1. Advantages

  • One of the most affordable backpacks for all sorts of people.
  • Backpacker of all ages can go for this one.
  • You can fulfill different kinds of purposes with this one backpack

2. Disadvantages

  • No negative review


After you have read the above review about the best hiking backpack, you have almost got the brief idea about the Osprey Men’s Aether 70 Backpack. Now, you have to take the decision about whether you want to buy this backpack or, not!

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