How to travel alone?

What strikes your mind when you hear ‘travelling alone’, especially in a place like Europe? Yeah, one can have mix feelings, excitement, adventurous, nerves (a bit I guess), and few others.

However, it can present you great unique challenges with some new friends, a couple of crazy memories- that you won’t face when you are with your friends and family.

One of the biggest obstacles during this whole expedition can be price. You’ll need to manage your money in such a way that you could get the best out of it.

Firstly, you’ll have to look for a cheap yet good hotel to live in. now, cheap here doesn’t mean bargain, you must not look for an elite hotel when you have only one credit card to cover it. However, your fun would double with the memories of hotel room, dinners, new friends and more.

Now there comes the big question: Why to travel alone?

Well, the answer is relatively easy and clear. Travelling alone would offer you countless outstanding experience, own scheduling, walking on the path where your heart speaks to, changing plans on whim and your freedom extends to wherever you want to go, & where you socialize. To be crisp and short, it’s about you enjoying your own company.

Travelling alone is not only for extroverts, in fact, in can be superbly amazing excursion for introverts. Even people who are constantly surrounded with companionship like to travel to places like Europe and yes, with all this do take your best travelling backpack along.

However, one thing I’ll suggest is that if Europe is extremely safe place to travel, for both males and females but yes females must be careful anywhere they travel some reasons or the other.

Let’s get some key tips you must carry when travelling alone:

1. Get outside and meet people

Although when you travel alone it’s easy to be a part of a new group as, you can take decisions real fast. Try to join a new group but also remember to be smart enough to know the right set of people for you.

And yes, here fast certainly doesn’t mean that you suddenly jump in to a local group with a Small Travel Backpack and start chatting. What I mean is you can go out heading people when there is a cool evening at a bar, where people are comfortable enjoying their drinks, & may then you can strike in to start up a conversation.

Remember, you are not the only traveler, so people may welcome you warmly.

2. Book a small hostel to save:

Price could be a turn up or a turn down for your excursion so, spend in a right manner. Sign in at a small hotel instead of a lavish accommodation. Another good deal could be settling on a dorm bed in a hostel, where you can also catch a good number of people.

But these types of hostel cannot give you your private space. I’ll recommend you to opt for small room to spend wisely & get the best out of your excursion. Also, get good travel backpacks to comfortably pack every essential thing you may need during your trip.

3. Go for a prix-fixe lunch:

Why am I asking to fix a lunch is because Europe is just fantastic place to relax and enjoy a beer with some luscious food. Also, Europe offers incredible lunch deals. In fact, a meal of €10 or even less with (including a glass of wine!) is just amazing one get!

So, this can be a profitable deal for you. Plan your exciting lunch on some weekend day.

4. Eat local:

While travelling alone one of the most exciting experience would be trying the best local street food. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat at a restaurant but yes, eating at local street, mixing with the local folks, and enjoying the real culture of Europe will be another memorable moment of your expedition.

Make sure you get the best out of your trip so carry all the accessories like smart phone, books, water, some food stuff and some more in your best travel backpack to avoid being lost.

5. Eat at bar:

It’s okay to eat at bar and feel at home. This can get you some new friends, if you join them for food. It’s a good way to have fun and meet the locals.

I’ll suggest you to get your travel manual or book along to avoid boredom.

6. Learn the language:

It’s certainly not easy to learn an entirely new language but knowing few phrases or words can help you in a big way or I should say help you socialize a bit. Moreover, at many tourists places people speak English but you cannot expect a small place shop owner, or a bus driver to speak English. Why should they?

It’s good if you learn some of the words of local language, to know their customs.

7. Get out of your comfort zone:

Travelling alone gives new experiences with ups and downs. So, be prepaid and put yourself out from a comfort zone and try something that you never indulged into. It’s far easy to travel with friends or family but travelling alone can a bit tough and above your comfort level at times.
When you are travelling solo, however, you can try something different- not similar to what you have already done. This will add to your journey’s great moments, unknowingly.

Solo travelling is a life time experience so get the best laptop backpack for travel, put all your stuff and start your trip that will gift you a hand full of amazing experience.

You are travelling alone so, you must do some homework before you plan your trip. A trip without a plan is a big ‘No’, as this can bring unnecessary complications, resulting in ruining the whole experience.

Make the most out of your travel and remember, not forget to shop something unique and unique for your friends and family.

Get some clicks as well, to lock some great memories.

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