How to select a backpack for Laptop 17″?

Whenever you will look for buying the best backpack for your travel trip or work, you will find one special feature. The special feature is having a laptop compartment for proper safety. However, many of you will go with the normal backpack because it offers more space for your other things. Do you need a backpack with laptop compartment? Then, there will be many models of backpacks to give you a certain suggestions.

Today we are here to give you the best way to select backpack for laptop 17 so that you can find your choice from the thousands of the models. However, you will need to buy the perfect sized for you because the perfect backpack for laptop may not work well for your laptop because of its larger or smaller size.

backpack for laptop

First of all, this is important to have a separate compartment for 17 inches laptop like Swissgear Travel Gear Scansmart Backpack 1900 is offering. You should have completely different compartment so that you can feel your laptop safe.

Secondly, there are certain things that you will need to consider. The laptop compartment should be padded upper and lower because of the safety of the laptop. Many of the compartments offer fix place without padded design. As a result, this will create problem and easily damage to your laptop.

Thirdly, the backpack should be waterproof because this is important for your travel trip. When you are considering a laptop compartment, this means you want full security to your laptop. If your backpack is not waterproof, wet conditions can easily damage the quality of the laptop. For that reason, looking for the waterproof backpack is an important fact for you too!

Fourthly, don’t go with the laptop backpack that does not offer you any separate compartment. Of course, laptop position is available but this is in the maintain compartment along with a strap. This will never give your laptop a good and secure place to keep. In fact, your things will mess up with the laptop and can damage it very easily too!

Fifthly, the laptop compartment of the backpack should provide you double zipper with lock system. As the laptop is an important item for your life, you should think to have more security for this. As a result, using a locker system for the compartment can keep your laptop safe from stealing as well as give you a mental peace.

Sixth, you should think about the compartment as well as laptop space. For this reason, some of the laptop compartment provides you the customization facility to use this for small laptop and tablets too. This is really an impressive way to look at the beginning and give you full protection. As a result, you can use the padded items keep your laptop safe during the journey.

Seventh, you should determine for which purpose you want the backpack for 17 inches laptop! Do you want to purchase backpack for your work or want to buy it for traveling purpose? Determining the purpose is really important for you because of the different facility, and factors.

Eighth, although you are choosing the best backpack for your laptop for traveling trip, you should focus on other facilities of the backpack. There are some of the backpack that provides good facilities and security system for the laptop compartment but not providing the exact features to other compartments. For that reason, this is important to check full feature of the backpack before you make the purchase decision.

Ninth, the laptop space should be back padded too in order to make it right. Don’t buy the backpack that provides mesh padded for the laptop because they will not protect your laptop at all. This design is commonly available for the backpack that does not provide waterproof feature.

At last, you will need to determine the last thing for the 17 inches laptop backpack. This is the size of the backpack. Of course, the backpacks of laptop are generally medium or big size for giving you full support. However, you should buy the backpack according to your age and height. If you choose the larger backpack than your height, you will face trouble in order to carry the backpack.


Hope, you will have the idea to buy the best backpack for your laptop. Whenever you will determine the things, you can easily make the decision and select the item. If you are still facing trouble, Swissgear Travel Gear backpack is the right option for you.

This is overall a good and affordable backpack that you can use safely for your travel trip. Moreover, this will provide you a zipper for laptop compartment, padded area for full safety and proper design for male. Therefore, there are no words that go against the backpack to protect your laptop.

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