Ho Chi Minh City Tour – Explore Ho Chi Minh City

What most people remember about Ho Chi Minh City is how lively and colorful it is, especially when the place gets occupied by the bright lights at night, the beautiful carts that are all heaped with wares, and the shopping centers trying to step away from the open-air markets. Gets your Ho Chi Minh City tour begun and be ready for a fantastic exploration.

What shouldn’t be missed in Ho Chi Minh City Tour

Like what any traveller says, one of the greatest things about travelling is to see different things that are completely out of your own yard. Let’s feast your eyes on such a lovely view in the city that never sleeps. From every corner of the streets, I bet that you will be able to see both colors and movements. If you don’t know what you can’t live without in Vietnam, then look at those vendors – the best street food traders who are always ready to serve any visitor passing by.

Joining Ho Chi Minh City tour to experience yourself how Vietnamese people are busy, purchasing, selling, learning, building…is undoubtedly the only way to get you more swept up by the irresistible charm of the city. Don’t waste time to look for nothing when being here, since there are many amazing things to do and see, from the beautiful history, incredible food, cutting-edge shopping malls and art galleries in Ho Chi Minh City tour this time, which is currently introducing you to one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting cities.

This tour is made for those who fall in love with the tropical heat that seems to live with the city like for eternity. What to expect the most from this appealing Ho Chi Minh city tour in 2 days are properly the opportunity of mastering the way of wading through the flows of motorbikes everywhere in the streets, or maybe the chance to embrace the amusing madness of the atmosphere from the 24/7 coffee shops. Why? It’s because this is where all travellers can enjoy the strong and flavourful Vietnamese coffee, that is well-known as “ca phe sua da” or “ca phe da” among native people and foreigners. Pick a tour in Ho Chi Minh city here to experience: http://vietfuntravel.com/ho-chi-minh-city-tours

What impress you the most in Ho Chi Minh City tour?

It’s time to break for a strong and cooling Vietnamese iced coffee in the so-called “coffee streets” or any independent coffee shops that can pop up everywhere you go. If you’re a big fan of coffee, then the first thing to do should be to arrive in Vietnam and grab a cup of some of their best and most famous Vietnamese coffee for a few sips. Here’s your first feeling for the initial try: “So sweet yet strong!”

Another thing that is promising to offer you a chance to get the feel of Ho Chi Minh City tour to the fullest. What is it? Surely, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, built up between 1860s to 1880s with a religious look but seems to show more of a strong influence of French Civilization over the city. Then, make yourself more exhausted with a visit to the War Museum where you can’t look away from the overwhelming relics of war. After seeing it, many people would share the same thought “life is like hell living in the jails during the war time. Do not be tired soon, as you’ve got to get to the rooftop bar in Bitexco Financial Tower, known as Saigon’s the tallest building.

Besides those things I’ve mentioned above for Ho Chi Minh City tour, there are still a lot of things for both visitors and travellers to look forwards to. If you prefer something more than that, Viet Fun Travel is the ideal destination for you to book your most favorites among different budget Ho Chi Minh City Tours.

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