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external frame backpack

If you are the type of person who basically loves to go hiking, trekking and doing any outdoor adventure on weekends or a week long, you certainly want to get a very durable External Frame Backpack that can hold a lot of your camping essentials wherever you wish to go regardless of the duration of your trip. Of course, you need to get a durable backpack otherwise your stuff inside will spill out of the backpack if the backpack you choose to use is not suitable for the trip and not of the highest quality at all. How disappointing it can be to use a backpack that spoils your trip. You certainly do not want to encounter such kind of experience. That is why it is important that you choose a particular backpack for your trip very carefully.

If you want to bring a lot of stuff and are going on a trip for more than one day, external frame backpacks indeed are recommended by many outdoor enthusiasts since they are much better to use compared to internal frame backpacks. External frame packs are usually larger than internal frame packs, so you can bring a lot of stuff for your activity.

External frame packs have detachable frames that you can use for carrying games, whereas internal frame packs do not come with a detachable frame that you can use to carry meat or games for instance. The rigid frame of external frame packs makes it possible for the backpack to hold a lot of weight, but you cannot expect the same thing from internal frame packs. Therefore, you will definitely get more out of buying an External Frame Backpack.

Benefits of Using External Frame Backpack

External frame packs have been favored by a great number of outdoor enthusiasts, especially hikers, campers and trekkers because they offer a lot of benefits. What are the good points of using external frame packs then? Read on to find about these benefits.

  • External Frame Backpack can hold heavy loads.

There is absolutely no problem when it comes to carrying heavy stuff when you use an external frame pack since it is specially designed to carry heavy stuff, considering the fact that it has a strong external frame. You can definitely bring flashlights, pans, a tent, a sleeping bag and any other important things that you need for your trip since you can rest assured that your stuff will not spill out in any way.

  • Best External Frame Backpack come with plenty of pockets and a main compartment.

Speaking of its storage spaces, you can really expect a lot from external frame packs. If you normally bring some small things or large ones during your camping, hunting, trekking or hiking trip, you will definitely find a perfect space for your stuff when you use an external frame pack. You can be certain that there is a section where you can keep your sleeping bag or tent securely in place. There are also various pockets where you can store your cell phone, compasses, match sticks, keys, snack bars and water bottles to name a few. The thing is you do not need to open the entire main compartment when you need to get your flashlight or compass for instance since you can store it in one of the pockets. You can easily find what you are looking for because of the small pockets. Hence, you can store the things that you will bring for your outdoor activity in a very neat and organized manner, giving you less time to look for one particular thing whenever you need it anytime.

  • External frame backpacks can be used for long trips.

Yes.  External frame packs are great for trips that last from a couple of days or even much longer. Since they offer sufficient room for keeping lots of stuff, you can definitely store more foods and extra clothes for your long hiking trip or hunting activity. Hence, you can be sure that you can bring all the stuff that you need for your outdoor activity anywhere you plan to go no matter how long you want your trip to last.

  • External frame backpacks are much more affordable.

When you need a backpack for hunting, camping, trekking or any other outdoor type of activity and you need to bring a lot of stuff, you will save more if you choose an external frame pack since it generally costs less than an internal frame pack. What’s more, using an external frame pack is more practical than using an internal frame pack since it is stronger and can take a much heavier load as well.

  • External frame Backs are convenient and comfortable to carry.

Due to their rigid frames and unique strap configurations, external frame packs can possibly carry the load a little away from an individual’s body, allowing good airflow between an individual’s body and the frame. They are also a good choice if you especially love to go hunting or hiking in the summer season since your back stays cool when you use an External Frame Backpack.

Tips for Using External Frame Backpacks

Fortunately, there are now external frame backpacks that you can use for various outdoor activities such as hunting, trekking, camping and more. However, that does not mean that any External Frame Backpack that you select is the right one for you. You should choose very carefully before buying one. You should also take note of the things that you need to do in order to use it well. Read on to find out about those things.

  • Make sure that the straps and waist belt are adjusted properly. They should be locked securely.
  • The backpack should fit you perfectly.
  • Always observe the weight capacity limit of your external frame pack.
  • Check your backpack when hiking on narrow trails since it has a tendency to snag on branches or other objects because of its size.
  • Walk slowly on water, wet leaves, wet rocks, icy terrains or uneven surfaces in order to maintain your balance as you walk while carrying your backpack.


  1. Can external frame packs carry a tent and a sleeping bag?

Yes. Generally, the tent can be placed on top of the backpack. At the bottom, you can attach your mat or sleeping bag.

  1. Do they have various sizes?

Sure. External frame packs come in various sizes to choose from. You can rest assured that there is something that exactly fits you when you simply find the time to search diligently for it.

  1. Can I use external frame packs for longer trips?

Yes. In fact, they are not only good for a couple of days but they can also be used for a week long as they have sufficient room to hold all your stuff. Also, they are designed in such a way that they can be used for heavy-duty purposes, considering the fact that they come with a frame.

  1. Can I use external frame packs anywhere I want to go?

Yes. However, you have to take note that their sizes are normally suitable for wider spaces. Hence, you will benefit more from your external frame pack when you choose to hike on wide and clear trails instead. When you are walking on narrow trails, just make sure that your backpack does not snag on some branches.

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Antonina - July 31, 2016

I love to travel, very much. Sometimes it takes one month long. I realize that a good and durable backpack is most essential for travelers. A cool backpack gives much comfort.when I travel for a long time I take with me many things.like camera, torchlight. Mobile, passport and essential cloths and others. I think security is most important for traveler that’s way with many zipper backpack can ensure security.


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