Smart Cooking Tips for Camping

If you love the outdoors, going camping with your family or friends will definitely give you some excitement and fun. You should remember however that although you like the idea of going camping, you cannot simply enjoy the activity right too soon without proper planning. Whether you are camping at a nearby mountain or at a remote area, you still need to prepare for it. You certainly do not want to miss the fun simply because you run out of food or the eggs spilled onto all the contents of your bag. The thing is you need to keep your foods in the right containers so that they do not get messed up. You should also bring sufficient amounts of food and water. It is also important that you learn the tricks in packing and cooking your food at your choice camping site. In this article, you will learn some smart camping cooking tips that will help make your every camping meal a hearty one!

Cooking for Camping

Pack a variety of instant food.

You cannot expect to cook at every meal, especially when you are going camping for several days. You might need more time for exploring your camping site that cooking can eat up your time, so you can simply open some bags of crackers or canned sausages to save time.  It is actually interesting to bring several types of instant foods to keep you from feeling bored with what you eat.

Bring some bananas.

Your body will need lots of potassium to keep you energized for your hiking activities or any other activities that you plan to do at the camping area. That is why you have to keep some bananas inside your cooler. To get more nutrition, it is actually possible to fill some pieces of bananas with mallows, graham crackers and chocolate chips before wrapping them in aluminum foils. Later, you can grill each piece to serve as your snack when you arrive at the camping area.

Do not bring fatty foods.

It can be quite tempting to eat fatty foods while you are outdoors, but they can actually produce some flare-ups as you cook them, which can be quite dangerous, especially when the cooking site is surrounded by many trees. Instead, choose some varieties of meats that do not produce flare-ups. Just eat chopped pork, steak or bacon when you are already home.

Use foil for wrapping your food.

Before you try to grill potatoes, meats, chicken or fish, be sure to wrap them with aluminum foil. The foil will keep your food clean and free from ashes or embers while you are grilling them. Besides, you can set aside some of the grilled foods neatly for your next meal later if you are not able to finish eating them all at one mealtime. The foil will also keep them warm for a long period of time.

Keep the seasonings in small sealed plastic containers.

It can be sad to eat your food without the right flavors during your camping activity. You should keep sufficient amounts of seasoning that you think are necessary for your activity in tightly sealed plastic containers so that they do not spill.

Break the eggs before going on a trip.

You will certainly need protein to keep you energized for your adventure as well. That explains why you need to bring eggs. Eggs easily break during the trip, so you should break them before you leave your home. You can just pour the contents into a solid container. They are then ready to be cooked anytime you want when you arrive at your designated camping area.

Prepare metal utensils for cooking.

It is important that you use some metal ladle, spoon and spatula while cooking. You will be cooking your foods over hot coals. The plastic utensils can easily melt when they are placed nearby a very hot temperature.

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