Compare an External Frame Backpack & an Internal Frame Backpack

Are you thinking of purchasing a backpack sooner or later but can’t seem to figure out whether you pick out the external frame backpack or the internal frame backpack? It can indeed be hard to choose a backpack, especially if you do not know anything about backpacks. Well, you should keep in mind that you need to choose very carefully. The backpack that you choose should be suitable for your needs and activities. It should also be designed in such a way that you can carry it comfortably without experiencing some back or shoulder pains. Moreover, you also have to pick out one that is worth its price. In order for you to be able to choose the most suitable backpack for you, it is a wise idea to compare an external frame pack and an internal frame pack in terms of design, packing feature, maneuverability, convenience and weight distribution.

External Frame Backpack

External Frame Backpack

Internal Frame Backpack

Internal Frame Backpack


You can actually distinguish an external frame pack from an internal frame pack by its design.  An external frame pack consists of a metal frame that is placed outside the pack and a backpack that is strapped to the metal frame. It is also known for its many compartments and pockets. What’s more, you can possibly attach several types of gear to its frame. On the other hand, an internal frame pack is slimmer than an external frame pack. It does not really have many compartments as it is basically designed to have a one large compartment and very few pockets.

Packing Feature

Obviously, you can store your stuff separately in a very organized manner when you choose an external frame backpack because it has many separate compartments and pockets. You can also easily find the things you need at an instant since you can just unzip the pocket or compartment that holds the stuff you need without having to open the entire backpack. However, it is really not possible to organize and separate your stuff perfectly when you use an internal frame pack as it does not come with many compartments and pockets at all. What’s worse, simply searching for your stuff inside the backpack can become a hard task.


An external frame backpack is not small. In fact, it is larger than an internal frame pack. That is why it is only good to use an external frame pack while hiking on a clear and wide trail, where you can walk with ease while carrying your backpack. The thing is you cannot really explore all areas when you use an external frame pack. On the contrary, an internal frame pack is not as wide as an external frame pack. That explains why it has fewer limitations in terms of the places where you can go to. It is absolutely perfect for enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing or skiing. What’s more, you can use it while hiking on a narrow trail.


Normally, it can be very hot when you are hiking in summer. To protect your back from too much heat, an external frame pack is the perfect choice since it is designed in such a way that it allows air to flow between its frame and your back. However, there is not much air that can flow between your back and an internal frame pack because it basically hugs your back all the time.

Weight Distribution

Because of its rigid frame, an external frame pack can carry a lot of weight even if you attach other items to it. However, it is not really that stable. On the contrary, an internal frame pack tends to fit closely to your back, so it makes it possible for you to maintain balance more easily while walking.

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