How to Choose the Right Tactical Flashlight and Mount?

In the world that we live in right now, things are already modern and high tech that we sometimes forget the things that we used to consider as needs. When was the last time that you have thought of your flashlight as a need? Probably the last time was during a power outage and from where you are located, it may not happen often.

Do you realize that flashlights are still needed in the world that we live in right now? I know that I have to use my tactical flashlight often. Do you know what a tactical flashlight is? This is one class of flashlight that is different from the one you normally use during emergencies. This is one type of flashlight that you can bring with you everywhere you go and it has a lot of benefits too. When you purchase one, the right accessories will also make a huge difference. Perhaps you should know more about it so you can make a better purchase.

tactical flashlight mount

What You Will Learn

There are different things that you will learn by going through the rest of the article.

  •         What is a tactical flashlight
  •         Reasons to carry a tactical flashlight
  •         Features you should search for in searching for a tactical flashlight
  •         How to use the tactical flashlight.
  •         Placing tactical flashlight on flashlight mount.

After you have gone through this article, you would immediately want to find the right tactical flashlight and its corresponding accessories.

What Is a Tactical Flashlight?

This is known to be a special type of flashlight that you can place on your firearms so that you can aim it on the areas that you have would like to illuminate. While there are different tactical flashlights that are available, most of them are made out of aerospace-grade aluminum. Tactical flashlights are usually small and are textured so they will not roll over when you are holding them in the palm of your hands. At the same time, they are also easy to place in the right tactical flashlight mount.

Reasons to Carry Tactical Flashlight

  •         You Can See if There are Threats in the Area

Whether you are hunting or you are simply walking the dark streets at night, it can help if you have a tactical flashlight that will let you see the areas in front of you and even the areas on your side. You can also view items from a distance with the use of your tactical flashlight.

It may be small but it is bright enough to temporarily blind the person who is trying to do you harm. You can target their eyes so you can maneuver into position or if you need to, you can run away. At the same time, you can also use the tactical flashlight as a blunt weapon because it has bezel edges that can stun your attacker.

  •         For other reasons.

Even though the tactical flashlight is different from the usual flashlight, you cannot help but use it for the same purposes. For example, you may be searching for your remote late at night. Or you can use it during a power outage. You will find yourself reaching for it more often than you thought you would.

Features to Search for in Tactical Flashlights

You cannot just choose the first tactical flashlight that you see, there are different ones available so you need to find. Here are some of the things that you need to search for:

  •         Bright and powerful LED light.
  •         Constant and consistent brightness of light.
  •         A durable body that can withstand the test of time.
  •         Ability to function in different types of weather and temperature.
  •         Waterproof and dustproof

Some of the features that are mentioned above may be important to you while others are not too significant. It will be up to you to decide which ones you will look for.

How to Use the Tactical Flashlight

  1.       Using the Tactical Flashlight in a Dark Area
  •         Try the light switch first. Remember that the more light that you have, the better.
  •         Move the light around to see your surroundings better.
  •         If you are being targeted, your attacker will most likely shoot at the light first then at you especially if you cannot be seen.
  1.       Using the Tactical Flashlight as a Weapon
  •         Do not turn on the tactical flashlight until you are near your attacker.
  •         Aim the flashlight directly to his/her eyes.
  •         This will temporarily blind your attacker so you can move.
  •         Flee the attacker

Another option is:

  •         You should first shine the tactical flashlight again through the eyes of your attacker.
  •         Once your attacker is temporarily blinded, you can hit your attacker on the head or on any part of the body with the use of the tactical flashlight.
  •         Flee
  1.       Using the Tactical Flashlight as Part of a Weapon
  •         Make sure that you have the right flashlight mount installed on your gun.
  •         Place the tactical flashlight on the mount.
  •         Turn it on when you are going to use the weapon to hunt at night.

Installing a Tactical Flashlight Mount

When using your tactical flashlight to be placed on weapons, here are some of the things you have to do:

  •         Choose the right type of flashlight mount and place on your weapon.
  •         The location of the mount is crucial so feel free to make adjustments until you are happy.
  •         Place the flashlight mount.
  •         Use whenever you need to.

You may prefer using a flashlight mount that can be removed easily so that you can hold it in the palm of their hands whenever you need to remove it from the weapon.


It is obvious that there are different things that you can do with your tactical flashlight. With the use of the right tactical flashlight mount, placing it on your weapon of choice will be easy to do as well. Hopefully, you have learned a lot of details that you will remember when the situation calls for it. Feel free to comment about the different ways that you use your tactical flashlight for. Share this article with your family members and friends too.

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