The North Face Surge II – Best Laptop Backpack for Travel Review

The North Face Surge II Backpack is the best laptop backpack for travel because of its features and specifications. Travelers can feel safe and comfortable if they have the backpack. This is a simple backpack that suits to your modern life very easily. This is a 32-liter daypack for travelers with perfect design.

The best opportunity is to create a full-proof safety guard for the laptop users because the backpack has a secure zip laptop compartment for 17-inch laptops. Moreover, you can use the compartment for your tablet as well as other important devices for keeping them safe from damage.

Features of this Product

The first thing that you will notice is its ballistics nylon material to make the bag. This is one of the best feature of the bag that make it durable than other normal backpacks in the market.

  • 32-Liter Backpack with Laptop Compartment

The backpack offers 32-liter backpack space for travelers. In this case, you can easily plan to spend two or more weeks for traveling. Moreover, you will have a secure compartment for carrying a laptop very easily. The manufacture designs the compartment for a 17” laptop with standard size design. Therefore, you will not face lack of space for caring your laptop safely.

  • Advanced FlexVentTM Technology

The FlexVentTM technology is used to design the backpack perfectly. As a result, you will have a padded mesh back panel to feel comfortable for carrying the bag. Moreover, the injection-molded shoulder straps are very soft to keep your shoulder free from pain risk.

  • Padded Main Compartment & Instant Access Compartment Design

The main compartment of the backpack is very deep for carrying books and other things. This is a suitable backpack that you can use for schools as well as travel trip. On the other hand, you will get another front compartment for instant access. As a result, keep the urgently required items on the front compartment to get access very easily.

  • Water Bottle Pockets

You will get water carrying pockets in both of the sides of the backpack. Therefore, you can carry hydration during traveling trip. Moreover, you can use another side’s pocket for carrying other liquid items like cold drinks, coffee cups and more.

  • Internal Zip with External Zipper for Locker

This is a great feature for the backpack in order to feel safe. When you have external zipper for lock system, you can use locker. As a result, you can seat without any stress of losing any material. Moreover, the internal zipper allows you to carry small things on the zipper pocket.

Why North Face Surge II is the Best Laptop Backpack for Travel?

This is regarded as the best backpack for travel that offers laptop compartment. Providing secure space for laptop and other valuable devices, this is the best option for the travelers.

How many of you are concerned about taking laptops and its safety? Most of the travelers are used to take laptop in normal compartment. As a result, any accident or unusual movement can damage the valuable laptop with important data.

But, this backpack is different from other normal laptop bags. This laptop bag offers soft and padded compartment for a 17” laptop. Moreover, you can keep your tablet instead of a laptop in the bag comfortably. Just put the padded belt over the laptop or tablet and lock it. So, you are free from stress for your laptop throughout the trip.


Benefit of the Best Laptop Backpack for travel

There are many benefits of using the backpack. First of all, having separate and secure compartment for laptop is the best benefit of the backpack.

Secondly, TSA-friendly compartment is designed by the designers. As a result, your items can easily be laid flatly in the bag. Thirdly, the design of the bag is certified by ‘American Chiropractic Association’.

Therefore, you will not feel any type of pain in your body because of carrying the bag for a long time. The design is very ergonomic friendly and suitable for long trips.

How to use the backpack

In order to use the backpack, you need to be well-organized. First of all, you will need to determine the things that you will carry for the trip. First of all, you should use the laptop compartment in order to keep it safely.

Then, move to the main compartment for big items specially the cloths, bed sheet and other items. When your center compartment packing is completed, you can move to the front and other small pockets.

You will need to keep the small items on the internal zipper pocket safely. The items that you may need anytime should be kept on the front compartment. As a result, you can get direct access without finding the items.

At last, you will need to adjust the shoulder straps according to your height and lock the belt.

How to clean the backpack

In order to clean the best travel laptop backpack, you will need to focus on some points. First of all, you will need to empty the backpack fully in order to be safe.

The backpack is hand wash friendly. Therefore, you can use warm water and bath the backpack for couple of minutes. Then, you can use detergent soap and take a washer brush to clean the bag properly.

After you have cleaned the bag, you will need to wash the bag by clean water couple of times. Then, tie the bag over a rope in open sunlight. This will dry the backpack in a short time and clean it. You can also use wet cloth in order to clean the overall dirt of the bag, if you don’t have time to dry the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequent asked questions that are asked by the customers. For that reason, you should have a look at the questions and answers. As a result, you can easily erase the confusions.

Question-1: Is the backpack easy to use?

Answer: Yes. The backpack is very easy to use because of having different compartments for different items to carry.

Questions-2: Is the backpack durable?

Answer: Yes. This is a durable backpack for long time travel trip. You can easily use the backpack for a long time.

Question-3: How many liters the backpack can carry?

Answer: The backpack can carry 32 liter very easily

Question-4: Can I get different compartments for my devices?

Answer: Of course. The designers made different compartments for the travelers specially a secure and soft surface compartment for laptop that can be used for your tablet too.

Question-5: Is it possible to use for school bag?

Answer: The compartments are big enough to use this for school and college classes. You will get different compartments for carrying heavy books and electric devices.


If you have read full review about the backpack, you may easily understand why this is the best laptop backpack for travel. This is a backpack that provides different compartments for different things to carry for traveling. In addition, you will get all bonus complete features in the bag. Don’t worry because you will also have a side pocket for water bottle and another side a packet for carry first-aid box. Therefore, this is a complete backpack for a traveler for longtime or short time travel trip.

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