Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell – The Best Backpack for Business Travel

Are you an office going person? Are you trying to find the right kind of travel backpack for you? If you do have positive answers for these questions, then you should read about the Best Backpack for Business Travel. In this case, you have to remember one very vital info which is that you cannot find the right sort of traveling backpack for you unless you gather sufficient amount of information about the available backpacks. Actually, collecting proper information will assist you to get a complete idea about all the aspects of the available backpacks for business travel.

Before we start we want to let you know that in this review, we will discuss all the features and specifications of Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack. We hope that you will get a clear idea about all the sides of this backpack after reading this review of ours.

Reviews About The Top Rated of Best Backpack for Business Travel

Now, it is the time we should start discussing about the Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack. So, your job is to give proper concentration while reading this section so that you can get a full idea about all the aspects of this travel backpack.

1. Exclusive Features of this Business Backpack

After discussing the specifications of Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack, now we want to talk about the exclusive features of this backpack. In order to make this section of our more convenient for you, we have divided this section into 2 parts which are Interior Features & Exterior Features. We believe that these 2 parts of this section will help you to get to know about the features of this backpack in a simpler and useful way.

2. Interior Features

The compartments of the Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack are fleece-line with the addition of the padded portions for better safety.

  • The comfortable compartments are the perfect place for keeping your expensive gadgets like mp3 player, Smartphone and other electronic items.
  • RFID blocking-pocket is there so that you can keep your credit and debit cards along with other important items like passport.
  • There is also zippered pocket at the top with the addition of the ID card window for keeping cables, power adapters and different types of tech essentials
  • Cavernous space is there to keep your clothing in the shape you want to have
  • For iPad or, tablet, there is also padded fleece lined pocket
  • The elastic section of this backpack will help you to keep letters and other legal sized files and folders
  • At the time of screenings, the clamshell designed pockets unzip and lay flat so that the laptop can be remained in the backpack smoothly
  • The built in mesh pockets are there for giving extra level of security for your keys and wallets
  • There is a also a bonus padded and lockable compartment at the back for additional files and laptop

3. External Features

  • The ballistic nylon exterior fabric of the Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack is there to resist water, wear, abrasion and dirt
  • This backpack comes with a comfortable leather carrying-handle so that you feel very smooth while carrying it with your hands
  • The zipper system of this backpack comes with the YKK RC zipper hardware system in order to provide you a smooth and self repairing zipper option
  • The SpeedThru technology is added to provide you smart pocketing system so that you can quickly store your items at the time of security checkpoints
  • Gusseted, zippered and side water-bottle pockets
  • Gusseted and zippered side-pockets for getting fast access for the extra items
  • This backpack comes with the adjustable and padded backpack-straps
  • There is also leather monogram-patch in order to provide the post purchase personalization

Most Vital Things to know about this backpack

Now, we will discuss about the most important things about the Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack. So, you have to read this section with proper attention.

  • For the businessmen, the Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack comes with its stunning look.
  • Actually, the designers of this backpack have spent much time in order to bring something stylish and unique for the businessmen. For the smart people, this backpack can be regarded as the ideal choice among all the options available in the market.
  • The Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack comes with only one color which is black. And, we all know that black is the ideal color for any kind of formal meeting or, business trip.

Benefits of the Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack

  • This is a backpack for the businessmen and varsity students
  • The compartments of this backpack are filled with padded portion to provide better comforts and safety to your gadgets
  • The comfortable hand grip is there to carry this backpack smoothly and without any kind of pain

Why the above product is the Best Backpack for Business Travel?

As we all know that there are a wide range of business backpacks available at the current moment, so it is a definite question that why this product is the best options for your business travel. Actually, there are some reasons which has made the backpack is the best choice for you. Without knowing those reasons, you will not be able to understand the whole thing. In order to help you out, we have discussed those reasons in the following discussion very strategically.

1. Design

The first reason we want to discuss now is the stunning and attractive design of this backpack. It can be claimed that after taking a look over Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell anyone would fall in love with this backpack. The color which is dark black totally reflects the formal type which is the favorite of all types of businessmen.

2. Durability

The next big reason about which we want to talk about now is the durability. In this case, we want to tell you that the manufacturers of these backpacks have really spent much time in order to choose the type of materials they would use to produce these backpacks. The end result is that the materials are of very higher quality which will provide durability and longevity at the same time.

3. Versatile functions

One of the most attractive features of this backpack is versatile functions and options. You can use this backpack for many kinds of purposes which have made it very usable for handling a wide range of activities.

Where to buy Briggs & Riley backpacks?

We should give answer of the most important question which is “where you can purchase the Briggs & Riley backpacks”. Although there are many options available in front of you, but it will be better for you to purchase your desired backpack from the And, it is available on Amazon.

Shipping Details

This is another vital section about which people become tensed a lot sometimes. The shipping thing of anything is a very important one because everyone want to know that when they will receive the product after they have done with the order placement thing.

In this case, you have to remember one very important thing which is that depending on the destination country the shipping duration may vary. For more information about your shipping time, you are requested to visit

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a university student. Will it be a good decision for me to buy the Briggs & Riley backpack?

Answer: Actually, the Briggs & Riley backpacks are ideally made for the businessmen and university students to keep their laptops with complete protection and safeguards. So, yes, you can purchase this backpack.

  1. My laptop is 19 inches. Will I purchase the Briggs & Riley @ Work Luggage Clamshell?

Answer: Actually, this backpack is ideally fit for the 17 inch laptop.


After reading the above review about the Best Backpack for Business Travel, you have got a clear idea about the user-friendly Briggs & Riley backpack currently available for you. It is true that the Brigs & Riley backpacks are ideally designed to offer something unique to its customers. With attractive design, durability, flexibility and versatile options, you can definitely take the decision of purchasing of the mentioned  business backpack.

In order to help you in this case of hunting for the best business backpack, we have come here with one of the most helpful reviews which will assist you to become a winner in this deal. Actually, we have tried to collect information about the Best Laptop Backpack for Travel before we started writing this review. Therefore, we can hope that our review will definitely assist you to get the most authentic information about the laptop backpack.

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