How to repair backpack zipper?

If you are a backpack traveler, then, you should have many backpacks ready in your home. Normally, the new comers in the field face different kinds of problems in the backpack. Backpack zipper problem is one of the major problems that will appear very shortly in case you choose the worse or cheap backpack for your travel.

Sometimes, you will need to replace the backpack zipper or some techniques that help you to backpack zipper repair process. In this case, you should know the right way to repair the backpack zipper so that you can go with it for a long time.

Therefore, today we will discuss about the backpack zipper repair so that you can easily understand the process and proceed with the techniques. In this case, you will get several ways to deal with the problem. However, this will be good if you replace the zipper in order to avoid further problem during the travel.

The techniques are mainly to help you in the middle of the travel to fix your backpack.  Therefore, let’s see the ways that can help you to fix your backpack zipper.

repair backpack zipper

Opened or Jammed Zippers

You will always face open or jam zipper problem in the future that will work negatively. In this case, the dust or fabric can catch the zipper to make it jammed. For that reason, you will need to free up the jam slowly and wisely.

You can backward the zipper with care in order to make the jam free. If you yank the zipper forcefully, this could damage the zipper too. You should try to remove the fabric using your finger from the zipper in order to move the zipper. This will help you to fix the problem and give the zipper a free move.

Flattened Coils

Whenever you notice any flattened zipper coils, you will need to fix it in a short time. If you ignore the problem, later, you will need to replace the zipper. This happens because of losing the quality of self-mending.

In this case, you will need to be careful in order to reshape the damaged coils. In this case, the proper shape of the coil is important thing to be considered. You can use a safety pin in order to make it shaped properly to deal with you properly.

Worn Sliders

Sometimes you will see that the zippers become worn out because of hard or rough use. This is also happens when too much dirt and sand on the zipper. In this case, you will need to repair the zipper in order to misalign more.

In this case, you will need to watch out the zipper is properly aligned to the backside. If the backend is right, you will need to pull the zipper behind the tailing slowly. Don’t rush to tailing the zipper because this can also damage the zipper too.

You will need to block the end part properly and follow the technique until this goes well. The technique will always work to repair the backpack zipper. You will need to try this process several times in order to make it right. Moreover, test the zipper is going right for more than 5 times because this stops work for two or three times.

Spilt Zipper

Sometimes you will notice the zipper slider moves upper or lower case that can’t close the zipper. In this case, you will need to fix the zipper slider properly in order to make it work.

This will need only one minute to fix, take a pair of pliers and tight one side of the zipper slider properly.

Upgrading a Zipper

Sometimes you will find that the zipper of your backpack is not fixable. Therefore, this is important to cut the old zipper and use a new zipper. In this case, you will need to understand the right type for the backpack. Using the right color and size of the zipper is really important that will keep the backpack right.

When you are choosing the backpack zipper, you will also need to join the zipper in the bag. In this case, you can take the backpack to the professionals in order to join the zipper. Otherwise, you can also try to sew the zipper properly in the backpack.


Backpack zipper repair is really an impressive method that you will need to know to deal with any emergency problem. This may not possible to buy whenever you want to go for traveling. For that reason, looking for the way to repair the zipper is the one and only way to reduce the problem.

Moreover, repairing process will not need a high amount of cost for you. As a result, this will also save you much money that you can spend during the traveling trip. For that reason, follow our steps or just upgrade the zipper in order to make it right way.

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