9 Best Places to Camp in Colorado

best place to camp in colorado

When coming to the best places to camp in Colorado, the things offered by each campsite are different. Some campsites are meant for “glamping” or glamorous camping, while there are also some campsites that are meant for those who would like to do basic camping.

The great outdoors can truly be different in Colorado. The amazing backdrop will relax you the same way it has relaxed me. I have checked different campsites in Colorado. And I have, to be honest, I do have my favorites. Let me enumerate some places which I believe the best to camp in Colorado.

1. Harding Spur Campground – Fishing Meets Camping

If fishing and camping are just a couple of your hobbies, this is the best place to camp. People consider it is a one-stop place wherein there are a lot of activities lined up for you. Whether you would like to do beach volleyball or some water sports. You know there are so many options available anyway.

2. Angel of Shavano – For Really Constricting Bike Riding

If you always love biking and are interested in camping, this is the best spot to try. The trails you are going to traverse will make your heart want to burst from your chest. But once you finish the trails and reach your destination, you know that it will be worth it. The campsite itself is 2,800m above sea level. So you can already imagine the hiking or cycling that you are going to do in order to get there.

3. Mueller State Park Campground – Be Surrounded by the Wild

Do you want to be near wild animals but still be protected? You know that this is one of the best options for you to have. You can count on seeing some black bears, deer, and coyotes. You will see some elks too if you truly want to. This basic camping ground will give you an amazing view of the outdoors so whether you want to do some adventurous outdoor activities or you are just after the view, this will be a good option.

4. Gunnison Lakeside Resort – A Never Ending Shoreline

You might think that this is boring in the beginning because you will first see the high mountain desert but as you traverse further, you will see a huge landscape wherein you will see an amazing view of the water. You will see more than 90 miles of shoreline so you will truly feel like it is never ending. It will be enough to make you feel energized and relaxed.

5. Morefield Campground – Ancient and Serene Camping Grounds

If you want to be in a campground that has been used by a lot of other campers and hikers in the past then this is the one that you should pick. This is near the archeological sites in Colorado so you would feel like you are taking a break from your usual way of life to re-discover the history of the place. If you are some challenges, you will not be disappointed with the stimulating trails that this camping ground has to offer.

6. Oh Be Joyful Campground – Feel the Joy in Every Step

What is your number one reason for camping? You will probably say that you want to unwind and feel happy again. This is the best spot for you to check if you want to see a breathtaking view of this mountain town. There are not a lot of infrastructures that are nearby so while you are there, you will feel like you are one with nature. This basic camping site will help you reflect and connect.

7. Jacks Gulch – Where You Can Travel with Horses

Have you always loved horses? If you answer yes to this question then you can never go wrong with checking out this campsite in Colorado. Aside from the campsites wherein you can hang out, there are also some trails that can be perfect for relaxing and leisure rides that you can take together with your prized horse. If you are also into fishing, then you can hit three birds with one stone here. You can camp, bring your horse and fish all in one place.

8. Dunton Hot Springs – For A Relaxing Atmosphere

Going camping does not always mean that you like to take into account what you have learned in surviving certain situations in your life. Sometimes, you go camping to get away from all of your issues in life. Perhaps you are tired of living in the metropolis or you are just bored with your usual routine. This luxury camping site will help you feel more relaxed. Aside from a bath house, this camping site allows you to stay at a place by the river privately.

9. Comanche National Grassland – For Dinosaur Hunters

Have you always been fascinated with the land before time? Perhaps you can now let your imagination run wild by checking out the dinosaur footprints that can be seen in this campsite. The campsite may be undeveloped but you will have a grand time feeling like you are living in an entirely different era from the modern world that we live in right now.


Did you enjoy the list of campgrounds that are mentioned above? Feel free to share in the comments section below if there are other campsites that you feel should be a part of this list. Do not forget to state your reason why they deserve a spot. I have enjoyed all of these campsites before, do you think you will also enjoy them now?

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