7 Luxury Camping Gear and Items to Improve Your Camping

7 Luxury Camping Gear and Items to Improve Your Camping

Do you dislike camping? There are people like you who would rather stay in the comfort of your own home than go to your backyard to see the stars up in the sky at night. The luxury camping gear that you can purchase now can change the way that you view and enjoy camping.

You can now camp outside and be close to the outdoors without worrying about how you are going to be comfortable. The old rules of camping have truly changed now and have adapted to the type of life that you are used to living. I actually prefer having luxury camping gear than the paraphernalia that people used before when going camping. I am assuming that you are looking for the right items that will help you stay comfortable.

Here are some of the items that will truly change your camping style:

1. Luxurious and Spacious Tent – For A Comfortable Stay

Gone are the days when you simply need to have a sleeping bag when the sky is clear in order to sleep well at night. No need to try being comfortable in a tent made for one when you and your friend are trying to fit. There are so many tents now that can fit queen sized beds. Some will even allow you to place one king sized bed inside.  There are also some tents that will have several rooms like a house with several purposes.  If there are three rooms, you can use one room to sleep, another room where you can store food and another room where you can place the items that can entertain you. The type of tent where you are going to live will make a huge difference.

2. One of a Kind Bed – To Help You Sleep Like Royalty

You probably cannot imagine yourself bringing a sleeping bag so that you can sleep outdoors. You may get some sleeping tips for camping from here. You want something that can be used outdoors but will still help you sleep like a baby. The options that are available will surprise you. Just imagine being able to use a queen sized bed when you go camping. You might even sleep better when you are outside as compared to when you are in the house. There are also some air mattresses that are available to bring more comfort to the beds that you are going to use.

3. A Great Cooking Set Up – For Great Food

Aside from a place where you are going to sleep to the type of mattress that you are going to sleep in when you go camping, another thing that you have to consider is where you are going to cook. When you have some great items for cooking, you will feel like you are cooking in your very own kitchen. Think of different concoctions that you can cook for yourself and for the people that you are with. Get to know some effective recipes for cooking here. Some items that you can use for your cooking setup are the following:

  •         An amazing looking grill wherein you can cook a wide variety of things.
  •         A set of plates and cups that will make you feel like you are in a luxurious picnic
  •         Cast iron cooking set if in case you are going to cook over an open fire. Lightweight and cheap cooking sets will take away the magic of camping in luxury.

4. A Luxurious Outhouse – To Clean Yourself Properly

Do not assume that just because you are camping you are not going to take good care of yourself properly. You still need to look clean and feel like you are truly on a vacation by having a luxurious outhouse or a proper place where you can take a long, hot shower. You do not want to shower in a place wherein other people can see you, right? At the same time, it will be hard to take a shower when the water is not hot and the climate is cool. Do not forget to bring your very own portable toilet as well as toiletries that will keep you smelling fresh and clean while you are camping.

5. Camping Furniture – Yes There Are Different Ones Available

If you have gone camping before, as in the normal type of camping, you may not realize that there are different camping furniture that you can place in your luxurious looking tent to make it even more comfortable.  What is the usual camping furniture? You would see folding chairs, right? For a more luxurious and comfortable stay, pull out sofas and daybeds can make a lot of difference. Check how you can pick the right camping chairs here.

6. Camping Accessories – To Make Your Camp Appealing

How can you consider your camping to be luxurious when you do not have the right camping accessories to make your trip even more enjoyable than ever? For example, have you ever considered placing some camping lights around your luxury tent? Not only will this make your surroundings bright and protected from some wild animals, this will also allow you to feel safe even if it seems like you are in the middle of nowhere. Other accessories to check out are the following:

  •         Hammock – You want to have a place where you can hangout during the day time.
  •         Fire Pit – When you use a propane fire pit, you do not need to search for branches and twigs anymore to make it effective. You will not smell like smoke also even after you have used it.
  •         Solar Charger – Your solar charger can be used for a wide variety of things. It may be for your phone or it can also be for your other gadgets. Solar chargers are not common so they can be considered luxurious. Get to pick the right solar charger from here.

7. Camping Entertainment Gear – For Laughs and Thrills

Camping is not always exciting for people. There are some who need to bring their very own board games so that they will not get bored but if you are camping in luxury, what type of gear are you supposed to bring? You can set up a projector screen so that you can watch movies from your phone. Learn more about how to do that here.


Did you like the things that are mentioned above? Perhaps you like to scout and find the items that will help you do camping in a luxurious manner. I have enjoyed creating this list for you and I know that you are going to find the details mentioned above to be enjoyable too. Feel free to share your comments below.

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